How'd you play this?

I have never had the privilege to play this hole and chances are my only experience with it will be in my paltry imagination.
It looks good and loaded with fun.
It looks like a 3 iron to me but maybe only because optics is messing with us.
What club is it for you from here on a windless mild day?
Are we at a tee box or in the fairway?
How many ways can you get a birdie from here?
How much does wind impact play from here? Heavy fog?
Can you get to the green going under the branches if head winds forbid going over them?
What was your worst score here and how’d you get it?
What was your best score here and how’d you get it?

Did you use persimmon woods and classic/vintage irons, hickory, or … ?

Knock driver up round the green, chip close and tap in the birdie.


:smiley: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:


Play the Hole.png

What are we looking at here- tee shot, approach and what distance?

In the meantime, when I first saw that picture moons ago the gunch bush on the left reminded me of a tank pushing down that tree.

So let’s open up that hole with some real golf course maintenance equipment. :laughing:
What tree!.png

This is the 18th at Cypress Point Golf Club. Few will ever play this hole. This is a view from the fairway. It’s actually a sharp dogleg to the right and this second shot is quite a bit uphill. It’s also much tighter than this photo would have you believe as this was taken with a wide angle lens.

Most would hit an iron off the tee or try to carve one around the corner. A drive down the right side opens up the green and avoids contact with the tree.

I always assumed that was at “The Mare”!

I’ve googled this photo of 18th at Cypress Point to give a more realistic idea of the dogleg right. I’d always assumed it was a dogleg left from the photo here on ABS.


I hope you got the committee to sign off on that.
If not, good luck with your getaway.