How to tip for Haig Ultras

Just got a used set of Haig Ultras but with regular flex shaft so I want to re-shaft.

Im assuming x100 as per usual but what about the tipping because they appear to be bore through?

This set has zero offset or very close too it. I love the look and feel.

Kindest , Ian B

If they are the same as the Wilsons with the bore through and plugs, then the shafts won’t go all the way through to the sole, there will be a step inside the bore which sets how far the shaft will go into the head, like a standard bore.

Before ordering new shafts, I would pull the old shafts first so you can check the tip sizes, they might be smaller than .355t so you might need to re-bore the heads.

Most Hagens and Staffs have a characteristic that helps when ABS’ing them. Consider using the lower part of the plug area to add lead. I often remove the rubber plugs and re-bore as necessary to about 1 1/4" depth. I use a wood dowel down the hosel to make a dam and then pour lead thru the bottom plug opening where it stops at the head of the dowel. You may need to carve off the overfilled lead and smooth out, or sand the lead (nylon wheel works well). Most of any needed additional weight is now in the hosel, but low. Might promote a bit of draw action but some additional lead tape to the back will get the weight to final specs and more centered

Don’t be too afraid to re-bore as it is easy with a good sharp cobalt bit. Just mark the bit with a sharpie for a visual depth gauge so you get uniform depths (1 1/4"). Remember that you can stiffen the shaft by tipping it. I prefer to use no more than 2" but extensions but that may allow enough tipping to get a very firm shaft A cheap micrometer helps determine the proper drill bit diameter and is useful when tip size is unknown. Mike