How to Swing a Golf Club




A golf swing really looks athletic and powerful when the club is brought down onto the 4:30 line, under plane and retaining wrist cock all the way thru P5.

It is practically impossible to swing OTT with these intentions.


In the first set of pictures look at addresse with the fella in the background and then go to frame 7 you can the same fellas whole face. The transitition is priceless of Hogan’s head drops 5 to 6 inches and he looks screwed into the ground. His veins and muscles appear to look like there busting thru his shirt.I dont think Ben is holding the club lightly or as if a bird is in his hands.
The shaft is flexing across the middle of his back some powerful stuff there.


Isn’t that Nelson? and the second one is Raymond?

Nice observations…Thanks

Yes Nelson and Floyd correction

Why is Nelson wearing Ben’s Hat?!? … He’s confusing me…

Nelson and Floyd… I thought it might fool a few. Really great golf swing.
Barkow told me that when Bryon did exhibitions, he would ask what the course record was at the golf course, because he knew the local pro probably had the record…then he would make sure he would NOT shoot the record.

A real class guy for sure.

Amazing too how Floyd just rips it left hard post impact. It’s a great move used by many of golf’s finest champions. The added pressure in the hands created by the orbit pull allows the player to really feel what is going on at all times… so it’s not just hit and hope, or swing and trust. It becomes hit it where you are aiming with great conviction.

Notice how Floyd’s hips move in every frame. They don’t spin then stall like most of the modern golf swings we see today. Everything is completely connected and working together in unison.

Even taking the “Hogan” cap off of Nelson would leave a golf swing that from transition to just past impact would fool many “Hoganites”. It’s the last frame that really has the signature Nelson knee dip. But there is nothing wrong with this because he is simply stabilizing low point in a very sophisticated way. Much better than what we see in golf swings of today’s pros.

I love the title of this thread, it’s so completely true.

I don’t want to dilute the intent of the thread, but I like the idea of framing the simple basics of the motion. In terms of ripping it left, De Vicenzo’s exit shaft plane is as good as flatter than his entry plane, It’s quite the thing. I love his golf swing.
De Vicenzo.jpg

Did Byron have more of a swingers type release post impact than Floyd or Hogan? Or were they all pretty similar from p3 to p4?

Nelson may not have been packed in as tight as Hogan, but he surely wasn’t throwing his arms into oblivion either.
He moved his legs down the line a lot longer than most… so he wasn’t quite as sharp around the corner… but he was no stall and dumper… that’s for sure.

Hi Lag and all members!

Please read this I really wanted to share something with everyone.

I joined this forum in December last year.

To put things in perspective, 5 years ago I was a 19 year old playing everyday trying to turn pro. I was mimicking things I saw on TV, listening to new age coaching advice and the commentators on TV. I couldn’t understand why inspite of my natural ability things just weren’t working out. Despite fellow players saying I have the best swing (please I’m not blowing my own horn I’m making a point), I was very inconsistent. I decided to secure my future so I enrolled in a university 3 years ago and have just been playing socially since, still quite decently off a scratch. However, as a reward for a hard years studying I have entered the local Sunshine Tour School as an amateur the last 2 years after exams.

After playing so poorly in the last Q School in November with 2 rounds out of 4 in the 80s, I searched the internet for answers and found this site.

I have played 3 times since then and haven’t practiced.

2 weeks ago I won best gross in the monthly mug shooting 73 at Durban Country Club in the howling wind. It was truly one of the better ball striking rounds in my memory. I could say even in my life. This is truly bizarre as I have barely played.

But not truly bizarre as it was a direct result of things I have dramatically changed since having absorbed the great information on this forum thanks to Lag and all members.

New clubs with barely any offset and 2 degrees flat. Going to go to 4 degrees flat soon. I had previously played 2 degrees upright with some offset.
Set up:
I am 6 foot. To get an erect back like Hogan and still play flat it has led me to bend my knees considerably more than I have ever have.
I now distribute my weight evenly in my feet. The weight was previously on the balls.
This new set up gave me a sensation I have never felt before - rotation around my body will be needed to strike this ball properly and in balance.
I now play focussing on ground pressures and not my swing. I try produce pressure in the inside of my right foot on the way back and when I feel there is the most possible pressure I shift as much as possible to the left and the downswing just happens.
I used to care so much about my backswing from the DTL view you see on TV. All I used to care about was my takeaway (tried to mimic Tiger in 2000), position at the top and finish. Honestly, my swing was textbook aesthetically. But like I said, was so inconsistent.
Practice swing:
Watch this guys!
These are the ground pressures I’m trying to feel.

This was my swing from that day 2 weeks ago.
What really jumped out at me was:
Hitting the ball first then ground very consistently
Great post impact rotation without even trying

My point is : The guys on this site know what they are talking about and I am grateful to have found it. It will catch on soon and Lag and Twomasters will be in the spotlight. I hope you guys are ready :smiley:

Mike–as good as you think you’re hitting it now, once you go through the program, sky’s the limit. You’re in really good hands here and all the best to you. Oh, to be young again.

On another point and something I asked Lag about the other day, check out Hogan’s left foot and how it moves in the practices swing video you put up:


Looks really similar to Eddie’s here:

A poster on another forum suggested letting the left heel move away from the target on the downswing like this increases hip and rotational speed. Traditional instruction have most making a more lateral move by replanting the left heel closer to the target, and if you have fast hips, this way makes sense.


Thanks 2m and paul c.

I was laughing reading your posts because look what drill I tried for the first time yesterday.

I came up with it from watching Hogans practice swing but I’m sure it’s pretty common is it not?