How to Evaluate a Swing...

Hi TM,

I noticed on another thread in this forum you were discussing the merits of slow-motion footage in evaluating swings and stated something to the effect that it generally benefits the student more than you, since you basically know what to look for anyway. I would firmly place myself in the ‘not knowing what to look for’ category, but I’d like to switch. Can you share with us how you go about evaluating a swing and point out what you think are the most important details?


I second that post and offer up mine as a guinea pig. See post from nfbandon on swing after 4 weeks of Mod 1.

looking at a swing is not just hitting the positions, it is also as Lag describes ‘vapor trail’ things…many things occur as a result of something else…not from just trying to do them…so as you progress along the modules you will really get an awareness for what to really look for when viewing a swing and what engines are really driving the action… I will guarantee the students on module 4,5,6,7 have an acute awareness themselves already for what really matters, what doesn’t, the cause and effect and the things occurring because of the sequence.
Plus I get to watch people on the range with lessons and they want and need instant feedback…so the more I have done that, the more I am able to pinpoint and see things with the naked eye at full speed fast motion that many wouldn’t pick up on because it can become such a blur.
I have an inner confidence with it also because I will go dump a few swings on my computer at the end of a lesson to show my students the look and the comparisons and without looking at the footage start telling them the whys, hows and wants and can pretty much nail it by saying what I think and then the screen proves my point…so just like golf that type of ‘seeing the swing’ comes along with practice, confidence and the true knowledge of what to really look for and the cause and result of many things that occur…
I wouldn’t jump the boat yet and worry too much about trying to dissect too much yet…you will really pick it up on your own accord and you progress and it all becomes clearer…hope that is a reasonable answer to ponder.

Very true. I’ve said it before…after ABS you will never look at the golf swing the same way again. crr - you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll come to know exactly what to look for and more importantly - what to feel. The hardest part is when you do everything correctly, but can’t quite nail why it worked so perfectly compared to the other swings with the same intentions. If that sounds like everybody’s golf swing…it’s NOT! With ABS that “nail it” swing will come more and more often. You also will have the added bonus of knowing exactly why.

Oh, and Lag isn’t kidding when he says you won’t have to practice beating balls like a maniac to hit the ball well.

Captain Chaos