How to be WWAAYYY long

Ya, this guy is sorta the antithesis of the ABS ideal, but he is a hoser, after all, and deserves props for that.

Besides, who HASN’T fantisized about being this long, especially when lookin’ into the teeth of a 40 knot gale a 580 uphill par five, kinda like we had at 15 today. The wind was blowing people out of their stance at address, just like at the Open Championship this year.

Anyway, it’s a good article.


Actually, he is very much along the lines of what I would promote in a golf swing. Huge shoulder rotation. Excellent spine tilt at the top. Fully cocked angles and fantastic right elbow participation on the downswing. Clubface is wide open even past P3. A perfect angled hinge post impact with some strong inward tugging of the right elbow. Nothing swinging going on here, just sets up a long way from the ball because he can due to what I would imagine as phenomenal module #1 stuff.
In full speed, his module #2 stuff is off the charts. Great stuff really.

What appears to be loss of shaft flex is more toe dip than anything else, because that frame is showing the shaft before it has rotated back to square, so we are seen more of a side dip view.

With just a few adjustments he could learn to be laser accurate. It’s all there already.

Hawg, i think your title is misleading. Sadlowski has been around for quite a bit now and compared to previous long drive champs he has a quite different body stature and is less bulked up, but if you listen to interviews with these guys most of them have nothing but praise to say about him. Now his technique isn´t a secret but i havent seen anybody going this way (yet). That´s maybe why he is called by some people a “freak of naure” - he has some physical abilities that enable you to swing/hit that way he does, yet it demands enourmes strength and flex in certain areas of your body. Something that isnt easily achievable as it seems, otherwise his competition already would have caught up to him.

So, yes - the way he swings is a way to be very long - but trying to emulate this, especially if you havent exactly analysed what muscles in his body are the ones that support this “freakish” swing + huge Lag he delivers + the nedded flex in certain areas and trained them properly, will just trainwreck your swing. … 21,00.html - 405 y with a 29 inch driver? How on earth can he generate so much clubhead speed with such a short shaft? I dont get it… So basically what he is telling us - shaft length doesnt really matter that much :smiley:

Is this Toe droop too? I am trying to understand as he still has a bent right elbow etc.
The above link has a video of Sadlowski. Especially on the DTL view he shows some amazing M#6 execution where his knees keep dropping for 4/5 frames while the shoulders are just stuck in place (even going some the other way). If any one can capture those sequences it will be good for M6

Heres some fantastic slow motion of Jamies swing.


If you are refering to the shaft, then no, that is not droop. What makes the shaft look like that is the camera. This video was likely shot with a CMOS camera all which have rolling shutter. CMOS cameras take the scene from the top of the image to the bottom. When taking videos of high speed actions you will get this distortion. The shaft may have some flex but not this much.

More information can be found by searching for rolling shutter affecton google or even youtube.