How Much Offset on these 3 Sets?..

At the risk of getting chided for not looking thru enough posts’…

I picked up these 3 sets in my rookie season on ABS, my untrained eye cannot identify an appreciable amount of offset…
any of you vets out there able to tell me?, I have no bending gear and may make a decision on removing offset
with some coaxing, (or derision!)… :smiley:

  • 93 Hogan Apexes
  • 83-86, Macgregor Muirfield’s
  • 92 ? Mizuno Mp14

thanks all

Best to take some pics looking right down from the top so we can see them. If you have trouble posting pics… there is plenty of help in the tech forum in the private area.

After taking a couple pictures (did not hassle posting them) it was actually easier to see the degree of offset,
the Mizunos have a lot …
I found a local guy who is willing to take a crack (not literally I hope! :laughing: ) at that set 1st,
by weakening the loft from a top of the hosel and bending them back closer the bottom as described on your post.
We’ll see how they turn out…


It’s obviously harder to do with short hosel irons than longer ones. A lot of the 50’s sets had much longer hosels than today.


Thanks Apples, what a huge difference !
I hope this guy doesn’t booger the Mizzy’s up too much!..

Now I need tro figure out what to do about the Adams PROA12 irons I bought last year before
my ABS Enlightenment… jeez, the offset on these things is ridiculous, and I hear the modern forgingsare more brittle…
that coupled with short hosel’s sounds like…‘SNAAAPP !!’… to me !