How heavy is too heavy

Picked up these a while ago they have propel 2 shafts in them.
They were too short so I extended them with old shafts cut and epoxied in place. Needed between an inch and inch and a half.
Found some old grip rite’s online

Thing is these are HEAVY the 2 iron is 15.6 OZ no added lead swings D6.5. Set goes up from there to E4

Do you guys think that weight is OK?

I had to get something other than my hogan cameos because the offset was really too much to look at anymore.
photo 2.JPG

I would just take them out and see how they feel for you. Or compare them to specs that have worked for you in the past. But to answer how heavy is to heavy… I don’t know because it will vary person to person. With Club fitting the ends justify the means. Experiment until you find what works best
Nice looking sticks btw…

Those are a great set. I have set of them that I play from time to time. Didn’t have to do anything to them other than flatten them a bit. Mid 60’s MacGregor stuff like those and the VFQ’s along with some of the early Dyna Power releases.
Great gear from an era of the great strikers.

Play them for 6 months and you’ll get stronger and improve your golf swing.

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