How far will ABS take an already low-handicapper?

Hey guys,
No money for the ABS program right now, but I will put some hard work into my game and equipment this winter and ABS is something I am considering. I am not sold on everything, but I enjoy the site and find a lot of the ideas interesting.
What I would like to know is how much of an effect ABS has made for players that were already pretty good. Also, what changes has ABS brought to your game?
I hover between a 0 and 3 and want to get into the plus handicap range. I am self taught and enjoy exploring the game on my own but would love to see good progress if it’s available.
Here is the swing I have built so far: I am having trouble embedding the video
What changes would I need to get ready for?
Thanks for any input

Ultimately we work on holding shaft flex through impact which stabilizes the mass of the club and increases the feel of the club in your hands. Golf is a game of feel, and the more you can feel the club the better… from putter to driver.

Second, we work on decreasing the post impact clubface rotation and by using a hitter’s protocol, we decrease the twisting of the clubface from off centered strikes. This helps us hit the ball straight.

This isn’t a quick fix golf school or lesson. The students who have the most success are the one’s who work at it steady, consistently over time and are not trying to rush through the modules.

Bradley worked on Module #1 for 4 months until he knew he had regained his strength and spacial awareness in that area. I get students here who want to fly through all the Modules in 4 weeks.

People have different personalities and practice regimens.

Thanks Lag,
I realize it’s not a quick fix, I wouldn’t expect to get good at golf without time and effort.
I also realized my video may have been private earlier.
How do I embed videos on this forum? It is driving me crazy…



You have a lot of good things going on… especially through transition. You’re a natural slotter, so that is really one of the most difficult things for anyone to learn and incorporate. We could improve your entry into P3, not by fixing it directly but changing the way your body works through and beyond impact.

Thanks for the words Lag. By entry into p3 I assume you mean the second frame you posted?