How do you incorporate your drills to your daily Golf

I play golf daily how do you incorporate the drills into your daily routine obviously you cant change your swing overnight

Eman, I find I can only have one swing thought when playing on the course. I always focus on a post impact draw or fade feel depending on what shape I’m trying to hit.

On the practice area I will allow myself to think about transition or whatever.

All post impact. Once you for the drill feels and intentions zoned in. Just focus on where the speed occurs. Body will do the rest for you naturally. Very simple

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I use my preshot routine to drill everytime i hit a shot. I waggle.

My entire warm up is some variation of drill work too. Including flex and mobility.

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The ONLY thing I try to incorporate with the drills is the little vertical drop in my waggle. Just a small, half version of mod one. I’m almost replicating Hogan’s waggle…
Not so much swing related but I’m also keenly aware of the cohesive body tensions. Nothing very technical…