How do you build a Persimmon?

You have got to love Ebay, just paid £4 fo this.




Can anyone offer any advice on making an insert and sole plate?

Do you know who originally manufactured this? Pretty cool, I must say.

Man you’re getting industrious NRG!!! :smiley:

What about using a soleplate and insert from something you already have in “inventory”?


You should have plenty of room to shape it flat too without having a kink in the hosel. I’m glad I haven’t come across one!

Maltby’s book has the bulge radius stuff in there btw.


I don’t know anything about it.

It has this stamped on the Crown

CR 2
6 may 1974

I quite fancy making my own soleplate and putting my own name on it, well not my name, but some original name anyway.

Anyone got any ideas what I could put on there? Maybe The Captain or dani or Bom could think of something appropriate. :laughing:

Yeah, I should be able to bore it with no need to build up the neck with any epoxy or have a kink like you say.

It already has some bulge from heel to toe, but is flat from the sole to the top.