How did I do?

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I purchased some items on the bay. Please let me know if I made out ok with these deals. Does anyone know what the RT9 means on the irons? … 0820835744 … 1142478513


Irons look good. Persimmon heads look nice, but firm flex probably won’t cut it.

Nice woods, look similar to the Armour w693’s I have, circa 1965 or so…
nice solid blocks… I know Lag has commented that these older heads were denser, harder wood than
persimmons in later years, older trees?.. who knows!
Irons look like they will be nice heavy ! You may want to look into flattening the lie angles 4-5 deg. on them as I’m sure you have read on this site everywhere!
Have fun with your starter set!