How 'bout a general chit-chat area?

The Birdies and Bogey’s forum is great for miscellaneous stuff related to golf, how about a new forum just for stuff unrelated to golf?

ISG calls it ‘The Lounge’
GolfWRX and some others call it "The 19th Hole’
Sandtrap calls it ‘The Grill Room’
Freegolfinfo calls it ‘The Clubhouse’

How about ‘The Back Deck’? (encouraging Lag one day to hold an ABS Summit and BBQ right there).

I know there are a lot of other forums out there for non golf stuff. I like the focus staying golf related here. I know people have some very strong opinions about things, including myself, and it’ easy to get sucked into long debates about topics that people feel extremely passionate about such as religion, politics, oil spills or nuclear fallout.

Whether golf is a lifestyle, a life’s passion or work, simply a curiosity, or mere escapism, I doubt we will ever run out of golf related topics here.

I’m certainly open to hearing others opinions about it… but I would hate for us all to end up disliking one another because we end up differing on opinions about subject matter that’s actually more important than golf.

Good point.

Here’s the incredibly painful dilemma :astonished: I found myself in a couple of weeks ago: Bom wrote, “I’ve thought a lot about the different languages and how they seem attached to different styles of culture- it’s a fascinating area I think.”

I would have loved to continued talking about this, but it would have killed the thread. Via PM eliminates others adding to the discussion and I don’t know Bom on other boards to take it there (plus too much effort). Well he was on ISG but post that sort of thing there and people will ask what you’ve been smoking.

You guys wouldn’t speak to me anymore if I started opining on religion, politics, war and other world events! My family has had to put up with a lot in recent years. Better I only talk about golf :laughing: (Having said that there are a lot of alternative thinkers here so maybe I would be in good company).

I’m curious in knowing what other people’s views are on such things but I’ve seen a lot of grief on a few forums that have these general interest areas which result in bannings etc. and so I would tend to agree with Lag that it may detract from the good that this forum is. My 2c.

No wonder golf is so impossible…
There are some things no matter how hard you try the mind just won’t let the body do and there is nothing you can do about it!
The rest of you must be ‘super freaks’… :laughing:

Lift your right foot a few inches from the floor and then begin to move it in a clockwise direction. While you’re doing this, use a finger your right index finger to draw a number 6 in the air. Your foot will turn in an anticlockwise direction and there’s nothing you can do about it!
The left side of your brain, which controls the right side of your body, is responsible for rhythm and timing. The left side of your brain cannot deal with operating two opposite movements at the same time and so it combines them into a single motion.

Well Dani,

I draw my 6’s from the inside to the outside, not the outside to the inside, I guess I am just that kind of guy. :astonished: :laughing:

Sounds like you’ve either been recently pulled over by a State Trooper for imparied driving, or along with the Wordly Words of Wisdom post, are having some great thoughts on rhythm and movements. Speaking of involuntary movement…

… had a friend long ago who reported getting out of a ticket for running a red light by telling the “smokey” that he was sneezing while approaching the intersection. He told the officer that it is impossible to sneeze while the eyes remain open …they will close fully or partially, and that is enough to impair the ability to see the light change. Ticket or not, I thought it was a great story.

Good stuff Dani. :slight_smile:

Yes RR your right, I still have my drivers license but as I start out this season I am am once again confronted with the embarrassing reality that I am rhythm / tempo and now blues challenged (although i do love me some Taj Mahal). And let’s face it… It’s what makes the world,and the hips, and the ball go round.

It is a constant search to find and maintain the music in my swing. It doesn’t come naturally and I am always trying to find a trigger or trick to help me out.
Also been playing around with perception. Like if I perceive the ball to be more in the front of my stance without actually letting it creep up there I hit it cleaner. Just a little trick I like like to play on my own mind. :smiley:
Whatever it takes…

btw- white water river rafting sounds like fun… :mrgreen:
I always thought Ratatouille was my favorite but you and MR seem pretty cool too.


OK NRG this one is for you. You can sit on your hands or put them in your pockets, doesn’t matter this time. :laughing: :laughing:

Which way do you perceive the dancer turning?
I see her turning clockwise 99% of the time. If I stare at her long enough I may catch her turning the opposite way for a moment but not for very long and I have no control over which way my mind chooses to perceive her or when. I can not change the direction willfully :angry: …No I didn’t have to wear a bike helmet and take the special bus to school when I was a kid. … /2007b.gif

Wondering if anyone can change her direction willfully and easily?

Geez, I love stuff like that…cool Dani.

It’s really a linear pattern going back and forth. Do this: scroll the page up so that you only see from the knees down. You should then be able to see the half-circle, or linear aspect of the extended leg going back and forth from side to side. The extended leg is never getting “behind” her from our view.

Depending if you catch the view from right to left, or left to right is how the direction change works.

BTW…how are your practice swings? Are they fluid and feel good with rhythm and timing? :slight_smile:


Now I am confused, I thought we were still talking about masturbation! :laughing:

You don’t really think I changed all of a sudden do you? :wink:
What I meant to say was that it really didn’t matter to me what you did with your hands this time. In case your that kind of guy. :stuck_out_tongue: