Hord of Persimmons- advice

I was in an old golf shop today that i’ve been shopping at for years, looking for some persimmon headcovers. he sent me to the back
room which i had never been in. tons o’ persimmon. like snakes in a wood pile. i bought i really nice penna for $5. he offered to sell me
the whole lot for not much.

if i had to guess maybe 100-120 in all maybe more, some of which i’d throw out. but quite abit of proshop type stuff. would
have to go through them but definitely some nice hogans in there and a few more penna’s. only a few macgregors.

i’m usually more of an iron guy but he has been thinning that heard for awhile so he had no offerings although i bought
some rifle 6.0 shafts with nice victory cords for $20.

as far as the lot of persimmons, i’m sure alot of you have come across these sitiuations. did you do it? would you do it again?

it was fun and found some nice leather headcovers. he’s got great repair equipment that you don’t
see anymore.

Just do it :smiley: you will regret it if you dont