home made swing weight scale and calculator

for those who are waiting to buy a swing weight scale, wait no longer

milk carton, cd, and kitchen scale, measuring tape

and use this sweet calculator to figure out your swing weight.

build the swingweight scale here: http://www.logitekinfo.com/id/golfinfo
do the calculations here: http://www.leaderboard.com/SWINGWT.HTM

gone underground for a while. i’ve been working mod 1 and 2 with my trust mizuno mp-29 that I have weighted at E-0.

i’ve been swinging at the ball recklessly and it feels good.



In fact I was seriously thinking of buying a new swing weight scale. I had decided to go for Golfsmith. It was then that I stumbled upon this blog. I followed the instructions given by Papi and succeeded in making the scale. It looks complicated but once you start making it, you will find it easy. The only problem is that the calculation is a little bit complicated. I have to seek my wife’s help to do the calculation for me.

Bookmark this page and you wont have to do any calculations; make sure you click the right unit like inches and Cms

I tried the scale this weekend and I did not have much success. I borrowed a friends scale and almost all of my values were wrong when compared to the scale. It is possible I miscalculated, but the results were quite a bit off. Using milk carton scale one club was C9 using Golfsmith scale the value was D4.

It seems many have had success with it, so it is likely me.