Hogan's move?

I heard someone once quote Hogan as saying when asked how he started the downswing that he said he “just turned and faced the target.” Anybody know if that quote is accurate? Of course he didn’t say whether it was hips, shoulders or both. Seems like it might be a way to avoid the left side of the course. And I’m sure that turn was made very rapidly. But I have never heard another reference to it. blopar

If you do all the other things right… then the swing might at some point might feel as simple as such a comment would suggest.

My friend Erica who is a concert violinist once told me that with enough practice, even the most demanding solos can become effortless and even thoughtless. “I just move my hand from here to there”… as she shreds a blur of 30 notes in less than 4 seconds.

If I just move my hand from here to there on a violin, you would only wish instead you were hearing fingernails splitting apart across a chalkboard. :confused:

I will roll my eyes every time I hear someone claim about a new magic move, a secret, or a practice club that promises the sky.

Learning golf is a lengthy process that is very multi dimensional and involving, just as learning other specialized motor skills and cerebral exercises. If you think it’s not… this game will frustrate you to no end.


So true. This game takes work, and ur work is measured in inches and months, blood, sweat and tears. Its built from desire, passion, determination, talent and knowledge.

Here at ABS we find the knowledge.
The rest must come from within