Hogan's Legend Shafts (What size grip)

I am trying to regrip my 7 iron with the Legend Shaft on it. The butt end seems a little larger than standard. I bought a standard grip size and it appears to be to small. Does anyone know what size these shafts use or do i just have to try and stretch it over?



I just regripped a set of these shafts…had to put a bunch of tape on the shaft and then I wrapped leather grips around and taped it on the ends to hold in place…could not find a grip to fit them otherwise… there was some grips at one point (mentioned in another thread somewhere) that would slide on easily and then shrink to fit…tried to find them on ebay as they advertised but they were non existant

Did you mean these: :smiley:
ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=gri … &_osacat=0


That’s them IOZ…could not find them when I went looking about a month ago, based on the info on the youtube video the guy made promoting them that we have somewhere on the site, so I went the other route

I have found that taylormade makes a .70 round golf grip in standard size.


The set i bought from lag though had the Victory pride half cords on them. Ill have to ask him what size he used.

The Taylormade grip fits around this shaft perfectly. Although its a little spongy feeling compared to the cord ones.