Hogan's 1 iron

Until someone here actually has one of Hogan’s irons in their hands with a measuring device, and can properly verify it’s authenticity… well here’s a stab at it.

This club apparently is on display as Hogan’s famous 1 iron from Merion.

This should get it in the ballpark, might be off a degree or so due to camera angle, but it looks pretty square.

1 degree flatter than mine which is 52 degrees…

thanks for doing this Lag!

Finally we have some sort of ‘closure’ :laughing:

Someone needs to get in touch with Jeff Martin (whoever he is) ! :laughing:

Thought I read in one of Hogan’s biographies that the 1 iron (or 2 iron as he sometimes said) disappeared shortly before the presentation ceremony and was never seen again. One surfaced a few years ago but at that time (he was still above the ground) Hogan said it wasn’t his.

This is by no means proof, and maybe it was stolen and then bent flat before it went into a museum so that in case someone in the future started a “yet to be invented” internet thread, they could support what they pretty much already know from viewing hours of swing films that were probably also altered to support the same conclusions.

Anything’s possible right?

As you say with all things Hogan there is some dispute but it seems that Hogan did verify that the 1 iron that resurfaced in 1983, which ended up in the museum, was indeed his.


That is pretty cool Lag… I wasn’t thinking along those terms whatsoever when I stuck that pic into The Vault… nicely done and about as much evidence as we or anyone can muster up about proving/solving the mystery surrounding his lie angles… except if someone had Hogan’s personal irons in their garage ready to be loft/lied that picture pretty much seals the deal for those who have ever begged to differ