Hogan Video

I watch this video of Hogan and I can’t help but think of Lag’s concept of pulling the club out of orbit. Notice how Hogan talks about keeping the elbows on the hip. My guess is during a full swing, he actually felt like he was trying to pull his left elbow behind his back to try and keep the club from slinging out and away from his body, while firing the right hand. It’s a great visual.


Thanks for posting! Its a great clip and you can pick up different things from these depending what you are working on in your own swing :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m trying to get more ‘down’ in the downswing and thats what I can see in this clip :laughing:

Its all good ,and as Ben says ‘Its that easy’ lol :bulb:

I like this video because it has a cool vapor trail:

Showing just how narrow, or shallow, minded Hogan really was. :laughing:

maybe its a trick of the audio track but it is certainly noticeable that hogan’s “whoosh” is happening as the club is passing his left shoulder–delayed, with maximum acceleration after impact.