"Hogan the Man I Knew" Kris Tschetter

Some interesting quotes put together by “rduhrin” here on the ABS Forum

I just finished reading the book and sent Lag some highlights from the book. I want to thank Lag for kindly posting my notes on the website. I would tell all ABS students to get a copy of the book as it portrays Mr. Hogan in a different light. He was a very kind and gentle man. Besides shedding a different light on Mr. Hogan, there are numerous nuggets that ABS students will love. The books talks about flat lies, heavy clubs, working the ball, his precision in making his Ben Hogan clubs and other things I just loved. Kris did an excellent job in writing the book as it will make you both laugh and want to cry.


Pure gold. That book has been on my radar, it’s a must buy now…
Thanks for sharing, guys…

I used to do this exact thing when I first started playing, but stopped for some reason… I’m going to have to revisit some of my old ideas!

Thanks for this.

I am reading my second Hogan autobiography and it paints him as a pretty… grim person. An American Life was enjoyable. But this new book I’m looking forward too. I just read an exceprt in Golf Digest where she describes a ‘surprise’ fourth for her friends that included Ben. She mentions the drilled, weighted club there as well.

I asked for this book for Christmas. We’ll see if Santa delivers!

Before everyone goes out to buy a weighted club… I will just say from my personal experience with them… I found they did damage my sensitivity and touch, especially with putting. Feel for distance control and other negative side effects.

I don’t know when Hogan used one, maybe when we was older and not playing much, and wasn’t concerned about such things… but that would be good to know.

But I will say that from my observations… players practicing with super heavy stuff have not been particularly wonderful around the greens. I would put Mac O in that category also. It’s tempting to want to quickly bulk up with the heavy weights, but I would proceed with caution.

I think you can do fine practicing with the gear you use. Heavy is good, but playable heavy… not silly heavy. Just my two cents.

I remember when you turned me on to George Knudson. And I was so anxious to see those awesome shell videos Arnie got me (I’ll never forget that). And I COULD not believe how HORRID a putter he was. I wonder if he used weighted clubs?

I recall Arnold Palmer referring to him as having the million dollar swing and the two bit putter stroke.

I know it’s a bit off topic but I just could not believe he was trying to make three footers that he would destroy 5 feet past the hole. Incredible.

Anyway, I have used and own weighted clubs. I know I’ve read in a few books Hogan strongly believed the weighter driver gave you swing speed. I know he drilled holes put the weight in the head, but what I don’t know is if he ever actually used a weighted shaft. Some guys used to fill the shaft with pellets, but to my knowledge Hogan believed in the weight being in the head.