Hogan Redlines

I just purchased a set of Redlines (1-E). I only purchased them because I was intrigued by a marking on them. Next to the logo on the back of the muscle there is a “V” stamped in them. I was curious if anyone knows that this means, I will post some pics later this evening. My guess what that it means V-grooves, but that is only a guess. Thanks for reading.

I can’t say with certainty but I believe it means exactly that. My understanding is that the 88 Redlines were the first set of Hogans made with square grooves. I don’t know the whole story, but based on the litigation and the uncertainty of whether they would be approved for play in certain events or on the tour I suspect they had to put a special marking on them to designate then as conforming or not. You may be able to inspect the grooves to determine if they are indeed V or box… I would think it would be pretty obvious.