Hogan Redline 6 iron wanted in the UK

Hey there, I’m posting on the off chance that anyone comes across a "spare"6 iron, with apex4 needing a good home in the uk.
I managed to pick these up for pretty decent price, but the 6 is missing…Its a bit of a long term project to have a lagified back up set made out of these when I find the 6.

Any ideas, or info would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys.
hogan redline.jpg

Here ya go:

ironfinder.com/Individual-Ir … _(red_line-88.htm

Sounds like the second one under 6 irons is the one to get.


Make sure you get the correct model 6i. The one in your picture is not what is generally called the “Redline”. Your picture is the model called the “FT”. It does have a redline, but is not the 1988 Redline. Yours is the 1992 model.


For your use


Looks like that would be these:

ironfinder.com/Individual-Ir … ged-93.htm

no 6 iron though.