Hogan Module Series Update


Closing in on the Hogan Module Series. It’s been a challenge to get it all into a comprehensible, understandable and teachable series that I feel does Hogan’s action justice. It’s a very deep dive to say the least, but I’m finally feeling content about it all.

While no one will swing exactly like Hogan or anyone else for that matter, I do firmly believe that there are core principles and protocols that have been overlooked or completely omitted by the golf instruction profession. The basic action is all here and I can now say that confidently.

I ran through the drills today and took a rip at a driver off the ground… it works, it really does. Tripping the shaft at transition increases the acceleration rate at impact. Can’t say I have ever been this solid at impact.



There is no better way to the 4:30 line than Hogan’s unique protocols…


The work is worth it, looks amazing! Put the Hogan cap on and no one would know any different.

I finished up the Hogan Module “Set Up” last week. Good to have one cross the finish line.

Today I am re shooting the backswing Module… weather permitting. Breaking this stuff down into bite size chunks makes it much more palatable. There are just so many elements that make up the whole, I am trying my best not to leave anything out. It’s actually simpler than one would think, but it’s also easy to make certain assumptions that everyone would know certain things. I’ve learned from teaching over the years not to assume so much.

Is it just Modules 5,6,7 that are different or is the entire course separate from “standard” ABS?


ABS = we dont care how you get there, just get there. Hogan = this is exactly how you do it.

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A lot of things are the same of course… but a few things are different… mainly that there is a specific backswing needed to properly transition the shaft or tripping the shaft. Early handset (wristcock) is mandatory. Free ride down is a bit different than super slotting, and Mod 1 would start from a slightly different protocol. The grip also would need to be neutral. Would favor a more closed stance, as Knudson did also.

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