Hogan Iron Fans, which set ?

Good Evening All!.
Well I’ve really been getting settled on gear after getting some rounds in and alot of practice holes lately. Getting ready for a trip I’ll be taking to Central Cal., Coast in 2 weeks, my buddy and I are going to play Morro Bay and Pacific Grove Munis for fun and for cheap! Anyhow I have really settled as my favorite iron set so far to game : 93’ Apexs (pic below).
My other sets: Macs: 50’s M75’s, 83’ Muirfields,and RTM2’s. Wilson Dynas 71’ and 62’ , Mizzy MP14’s, 82’ Haigs …
For sure, the Hogans are a bit lighter than most of the other s and I’ ve lead taped them a bit, but really have grown to love the look and feel… over the others… Now My Question: If one could only get : 1 MORE SET of Hogans ; which would it be and why?..

apex 2 iron.jpg

I’ve recently got my mitts on some '88 redlines. Highly reccomended although they are my first Hawks…

Seems almost a shame to give them the ABS treatment

Thanks Craig!
Yep I was eyeballing those double red lined set as a possible…
I think I have it narrowed down to:

1966 PC5- Percussion Centers
1968 or 1971 Bounce Soles
1980’s PC , Percussion Centers

Now the real question: where to hide the shipping box after I get em’ so the gal doesn’t find out! :wink:


My favorites are the 62 Power Thrusts which were the last blade that Hogan himself designed… and I like the 68 Bounce Soles a lot also.


My favorites are the 1967 PC5 Percussion Centers. You need the ones with the 2.5" hosel instead of the 3" hosel. Feel, looks and performance…all top notch.


Thanks Guys,

I’ll be scouting around , Likely I’ll hunt for some 68’ Bounce Souls love the look


I think addington arnie has a set all ABS’d up… although I may be mistaken for powerthrusts. Add those to the list!

Ditto on the 62 Power Thrusts. I have never experienced a more consistent iron in regards to distance control and feel. Keep the shafts stock length and stiff. I was lucky enough to find a mint set at a yard sale of all places. I play mine at 4 degrees flat from standard. Very comfortable, I know where the ball is going on each shot. Yes the sharp leading edge cuts nice pelts. Great fun. The looks I get on the course are varied from shock to awe.

Try them you will not be disappointed.

Very nice input all thanks… 1962 power thrusts , I will have to get some scouting done!!


just been hitting some 1957 Precision irons, when you pure one it is a most enjoyable moment :slight_smile:

but I am going on the look out for some 62 Power Thrusts now !

Hey PC!,
I been scouring the usual net places… no luck on a set of 61 or 62 Power Thrusts !..
1st one to get their hands on some some post here! :smiley:


Hi Dale, I think you will have more luck than me being in the US, getting some nice looking PowerThrusts in the UK will be pretty tough !

meanwhile I am loving hitting these 57 Precisions :slight_smile: