Hogan Director 4&5 woods (apex 4 shafts)

I have picked up a lot of nice older golf stuff lately, but as a lefty, most of it is of no use to me. Among what I have acquired is a matched set of Hogan Director Speed Slot 030 4 and 5 woods. These would be perfect for an ABS’er. They have nice stiff Apex 4’s in them. If they were lefty and I were keeping them, I would likely replace the grips, as they are the factory originals and pretty dried out.

If anyone here wants them, PM or email me with what you think a fair price would be including shipping from AZ. I have a few more pics of them I can email. I am leaving town for a few days, but when I get back I can also put them on the swingweight scale and give you that info as well.

If you want, I can also regrip them for you if you like the grip choices I have laying around the house.