Hogan Bounce Soles +1, 4-E; X-Stiff

I have a set of 1970 Bounce Soles I put together in the ABS mold that I’m thinking of selling. Ok to decent condition (not a trophy set, but playable), with x-100s and classic Hoganesque ferrules and Tour Velvet grips. I have them set at roughly 4 flat off 1970s standard with more modern lofts (starting around 48 for the Equalizer I believe and moving in 4 degree increments up throught the set) and lengths (approx. 37.75" 5 iron). Also have the matching 3 iron that does not have a grip that I will include – it will need an extender (or a new shaft) and grip - never got around to finishing it (the irons do not have extenders).

I also have a set of 1961 AT1 Tommy Armour VFQs w/ triangle face and Propel 1 shafts (Lag’s favorite) that I’m trying to decide what to do with. I might keep them and bend them flat/extend the shafts, but an attractive offer could dissuade me…

Will send pics upon request and entertain offers (prefer in US unless you can walk me through an easy way to ship int’l).

Both sets above still available.

Also have a set of Lag-treated (flat, heavy, offset removed) Hogan '66 precisions 2-E (the 2 is a bounce sole) I’d be willing to part with - make an offer.