Hogan and the wind

I was reading through an old Hogan interview and was wondering why he answered this way about practicing in the wind. Any thoughts? The question and Hogan’s response is copied below.

What wind is best for practicing?
I always tried to get the wind on my right, practicing. If you get it on your left, it will destroy your swing.

Hogan spent a whole lot of time developing technique that would discourage a hook. If the wind is on your left (I interpret this to mean left to right), you need to hit a draw/hook to get that visual feedback of a straight ball. Also, if you hit a straight ball, the wind makes it appear as a draw. If the wind is on your right (right to left) you hit fades into it that give you visual feedback of a straight ball. Hogan talked about not wanting his ball to even know it could go right to left. Just a guess.

I think that is a fair assessment. For me, I hate hitting practice balls when there is a strong downwind. I’d much rather hit into a strong headwind. I think your ballflight it truer in that wind…

err, forget that part of my last post about a straight ball appearing as a draw… that doesn’t quite compute with a left to right wind but my other points stand :slight_smile:

that makes perfect sense. a left to right wind forces you to hook the ball to some extent to have a straight looking ball flight.