Hogan ABS spec irons for sale

Let me know if anyone is interested. I can send u the specs or bend to your specifications. Lags right now approximately. I have 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,E,F. 9 clubs. $200 plus shipping.

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Can you send the specs, please? Thanks!

6 thru E could be flattened more but I ran out of time. Spent a few hours doing clubs last week. They are pretty close to lags specs. The lofts are spot on. I won’t have access to Mitchell machine for a while now

Other thing I failed to mention is that these have new cp2 wrap midsize grips which are worth the price. I really should price these higher. If I can’t give to ABSers will head to eBay.
3 iron has done dings from banging bag outside over rocks.

These iron faces are all pretty mint.

Hi are these still available? What shafts are in them please?

Yes still available. I’m in Utah. X Stiff X100 Shafts!

Forgot to mention they have new grips. I only used them a couple of times.

Perfect! X100 is what I’m looking for. Flat, heavy and stiff! I’m in SLC about 50 mins drive from Park City so could collect if that suits you. No haggling on price

Were these sold, or still available?

Yes they are. I forgot when I posted them originally about new grips so I’m into them $300+. I also spent time getting them to abs specs.
Im going to list them on eBay soon as I hate to say now that I want $300 for them. They are in great shape and I will keep them if they don’t sell.

Are these still available?

I think I’m going to hang onto them as the shafts and heads and grips are mint. I’m going to put them in play after dynapowers we’re tough today.

Any chance you might reconsider? I’m really eager to find a set of ABS spec clubs and will pay what you want!