Hogan 93 Apex, afraid to bend ?

Hello All,
I have a nice set of 93’ apex (single red line to left of Hogan Sig, ) I thought they were at 3 deg. flat… turns out they are 1deg… flat…I want them at 4 deg. to 5 deg.
Anyhow, the guy that has bent my Mizuno’s and Muirfield’s wont touch them, says danger of breaking the pin that runs thru the hosel/shaft end… anyone have any experience with this?


Dont why he’s worried about the pin, the club bends near the bottom of the hosel, the pin is up the top of the hosel. They are your clubs, not his, if he doesn’t want to do it I’d find another guy.

Thanks for the feed back, I’ll do just that…


I cannot tell you how many pinned Hogan clubs Hoganut and I have had bent, but it is A LOT!!

Several sets at least and have never had a problem—I think he is 7 degrees flat right now—Bend away!!


Thanks Guys!

I need to build an arsenal of equip. close to ABS specs so I can prepare to wear them out!

thanks again

Those are a nice set.
You should be fine. Bend away. If you were to break one, that would not be a hard set to find a replacement for.

Thanks Lag,
So far though between the Apex, Mizuno Mp14 (too much offset?) the Macgregor Muirfields feel and suit my eye the best …
I am ebay sniping a nice set of Wilson Fg 17’s( circa 1983 ?) and I think that will do me for a while…
May need to send those if I snag them to you guys for ABS set up…need to pay for and get started on mod 1-3 1st…
BTW, did you get my questionairre yet?