Hogan 1953 Precision 1 iron

I’ve got a set of '53 Precisions that I’ve been trying to find a 1 iron for but it seems I can’t find one anywhere!

Does anyone know if they perhaps didn’t make a 1 iron for the set?

If anyone does know where I can get them (if they exist, that is) I’d be very grateful!


Someone on this site collects Hogan 1 or 2 irons. Can’t remember which. Just saw their post the other day. They may be able to help.

Just a note, neither my Precision or Power Thrust set has a 1 iron. I would think that they would have had them as a special order for those who wanted them since the 1 iron was much more common then as compared to now. Probably not a lot of them floating around though.

1953? Is this a pre-production or prototype set?

Not a pre-production set that I can tell, no markings on them that say so. They’re a set of these: