Hitting it past the chin

Interested by this picture of Hogan which is entitled hitting it past the chin.


Does not appear to be textbook angled hinge. I guess this may be where feel meets real? Or was it just a shot where he intentionally allowed some crossover?

I like to think that with the angled hinge hold off, the feel verses real is about a 45 degree variance.
Hogan’s clubface angle in this photo at precisely P4 would be much more rolled 9 about 45 degrees more with a
true TGM horizontal hinge.

For most most golfers to hit even this reality with a driver, the feeling would be almost underhanded feeling, or right palm feeling skyward.

The CF forces at work here are tremendous.

We will be exploring the finer points on how to draw and fade the ball in future modules. It would not be uncommon to see more roll of the face for certain types of shot shapes and trajectories, likewise less for others.

Most important to note is that Hogan was a shot maker, so we are without the most important knowledge as to what kind of shot he was playing here.

If I want to hit a low hook around a corner, or a high fade up over a tree, you would see very different looks at P4 in my own swing.

The key frame to view hinge action is (I.5) or halfway between impact and P4. That frame is the hinge ex-ray.