Hitting and Swinging and ... a 3rd type?

So we know that there are hitters who are actually above pl[url]ane at the top of backswing (shaft pointing over / on the far side of the ball from DTL view) bring it down on or near the elbow plane (club in live w/ right forearm from DTL), enter into impact flat, club pointing to chi/bellybutton near impact, minimal clubface rotation, exit flat to p4 with post impact pivot thrust, then rip it up steeper to PV5. Often flat shoulder turn and right elbow staying close to torso. Hogan, Trevino, etc.

We also know there are swingers who bring it back steeper, somewhere around turned shoulder plane near top of backswing, club pointing at the ball very early on the downswing, club more inline with left arm near P3 (DTL view) with lots of lag, handle raising near impact with shaft pointed more to shoulders than chi at impact, pivot stalls and club and arms fly off body just past impact, lots of clubface rotation, equal angular helix to a languid finish. Often steep shoulder turn and right elbow leaving and returning to torso. Couples, Mickelson, etc.

I think there is a 3rd type that goes as follows: Very upright backswing straight up the wall but flat shoulder turn with right elbow leaving the torso. First move down is a little but of lag angle release and bring it down about halfway between shoulder plane and elbow plane, then frozen right arm and lag increases halfway down, relatively flat through impact with club pointing above chi/belly button but not really handle raising/goat humping, then exit very flat and never get it up to PV5. It’s basically starting at the top very steep then gradually flatter flatter flatter all the way through. It has the good aspects of frozen right arm, flat exit with minimal clubface rotation. It’s maybe not so good in that accumulator 3 is not maximized and can’t hit PV5. I think it’s way better than a swingers motion but maybe not optimal. Just something to think about.

Here are two examples. Are these guys hitters or swingers?



Hitting and swinging are very polarized in their intentions. Like two sides of a rainbow… then you have a lot of cross over stuff in the middle… switting or whatever… but when you are paddling a boat, your intention is usually going one way or another. Best to work toward one objective or the other.