Hitting 18 Greens in a Round

First off, has anyone here done it? If yes, recently? I have managed to hit 9 of 9 on one side but never all 18 in a round, but it is a life dream to do it one day. Share stories if you have them…

Also, some food for thought. If we assume the probabilities of hitting greens are independent and that all greens are equally likely to be hit then someone who hits 70% of the greens roughly has a .162% chance of hitting all the greens. Someone who averages 80% gir has a 1.8% chance of hitting every green. If you somehow manage to hit 90% of the greens then you roughly have a 15% chance of hitting every green.

Notable 18 gir rounds:

  1. Ben Hogan on Shell’s
  2. Johnny Miller in the 1973 U.S. Open
  3. Surprisingly Billy Horschel hit all 18 on Saturday in last year’s U.S. Open

If you haven’t personally accomplished the feat feel free to add stories of others who have.

I hit all 18 greens in reg in final round of 1993 Australian Masters to shoot 7 under 66 and then hit the playoff green against Peter Senior to win.
I hit 18 greens in reg in both the first and third rounds of the 1998 Australian Masters to shoot 10 under 63 (day one) & 7 under 66 (day three) when I won and broke Greg Normans tournament record by 5.
I remember also a mini tour event at Grenelefe in Florida which I won with 66 when I first moved over to America in 1995 and I hit all 18 greens and two of the par 5’s in two. Was playing with Robert Damron & Paul Tesori ( who is now Webb Simpsons caddie)… forgot about it but Tesori always brought it up laughing about he couldnt believe anyone could hit it better in one round of golf.
Am sure I have done it a bunch of other times but those ones stand out in my memory.

I have never come close :laughing: but this should be a good thread for those who do.

BH, does anything stick out to you, technique-wise or feel-wise about those rounds?

If you go to his youtube page he has some footage from some of those tournaments. I was very impressed with his post impact pivot rotation.

Wow, that is great. I actually did see some of the footage from one of those Australian Masters and it is very impressive. I second the question to two about whether or not anything in particular felt different about those rounds