History of MacGregor Golf Clubs


I just saw this on ebay - a history of MacGregor & Wilson catalogs plus a Walter Hagan biography for $45:

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Did tall players like Byron Nelson play irons like the M85s without modifying or increasing shaft length?

I don’t know specifically about Byron Nelson… but I do know that it was fairly common place for very tall players to add additional length to the shafts.

That being said, I don’t see it as advantageous to do so.

No idea how they did it back then.
For taller players, I recommend figuring out the shortest club length you can hit. I like to add a tiny bit of length to my wedges, but there’s not a need in a long iron. There’s no need to make the longer clubs harder to hit.
Some good options, play one length in wedges or wedges through 9 iron at the shortest length you can comfortably hit. Then proceed normally from there. And/or use 3/8 inch gaps between irons. This gives you a set where the short clubs can fit your height but the long clubs aren’t unusually difficult to hit.

Good advice… I set up my wedges all the same length… don’t shorten for gap or SW.

Hi, John, I noticed on a different thread that your own irons are about modern standard (38" 5-iron), so quite a bit longer than standard for Nelson. As you might recall I’m about 6’4," so a bit taller than you. Just wondering whether you’d recommend that I stick with shorter clubs. I’d certainly understand if you think that you can handle that length but a “lesser” student such as me could not! Thanks!

I think my irons are 1/2 inch over the classic standard… 60s - 80s.
Not that significant.