help with these irons please

friend of mine just gave me a set of spalding professional II irons found in his garage. they’re in such great shape and shiny that its hard to tell if they are forged or cast. i know most spaldings are forged, but some were stainless. they are heavy. 7 iron is only swingweight D3, but dead weight 15oz. and they way they balance, must be toe heavy or something, but when i take the club back it just wants to lay the face open and lay off without even trying. great for mod 1 drilling. … 11_254.JPG … 4ac43481eb

bumping the question

If I were a betting man, I would bet 90% that they are a cast iron. They may say Professional but I do not believe they were a pro-line club.


I’m not a big fan of women’s iron sets. All the good women players I have known played men’s sets. It’s a silly concept as far as I am concerned. The shafts are way too loose for any kind of decent golf swing.

i just posted a picture of the woman’s set because they were the same heads and pictures of these heads are rare on the internet, so i just wanted you guys to have something to look at. the shafts i have are stiff and the grips are in great shape and the the heads are mint and feel really heavy. just not sure what they’re made out of. i can take my own picture of the heads if anyone wants to see