Heaviest Iron Heads?

Hello all,

Just wondering what vintage iron models have the heaviest iron heads? If I had to guess, I would say 50’s Mac sets. Also, if anyone has measured weights of various sets, it would be interesting to see comparisons.



Here are some suggestions by twomasters:


Also, don’t expect any absolute answers because, as lecoeurdevie rightfully pointed out in the ‘shaft tech’ thread,
a certain head that is made to go with a stiff shaft is likely to be heavier than the same model that goes in a regular shafted set.

I guess I should pose the follow-up question then - WHY are they so much heavier than today’s blade irons? I’ve swung some absolutely beastly older blades that did not have a pronounced muscle-back to them, so I do not feel that quality determines it. Longer hosels? To me, that seems to be the common-denominator of older blades that swing properly heavy.

Maybe you should ask why today’s irons are so much lighter…

Heavier gear = more feel, prevents over acceleration and promotes pivot-driven swings.
But instead of repeating what Lag has written numerous times all over this site :laughing: Just look in the ‘flat-vs-upright’ thread and you’ll find loads of info on the subject.

Hosels were probably longer (on average) back then, but heavier swingweight might also be due to lighter shafts/grips…

I would imagine the density of the material used in the past was more massive. There seems to be an obsession with lightweight materials these days, and even a forged modern iron is being cut from a pre fab material, probably lighter than the past.

The heavy gear is a nice match with stiffer shafts. And those stiffer shafts were also significantly heavier than their modern day counterparts.

In the old days, a stiffer shaft simply had a thicker wall… and in doing that, the shafts also responded more consistently.
With some of the modern materials, they are able to get stiff and light… which again is aimed at a target market that is only concerned with how far one can hit an iron… the old “I hit wedge from 150” syndrome.

Irons are for accuracy, and distance control.


Do you happen to know the uncut weights of some of the older shafts that you are referring to? Perhaps that information is listed elsewhere, but I could not find it. If it is, could someone please point me in the proper direction?



Here are some scans out of Maltby’s golf club repair book.
No absolute weights mentioned here but it might still come in handy.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

P.S. I think that the raw weight of the apex shafts is mentioned in the ‘shaft tech’ thread somewhere…