Has anyone read this yet?

I like sevam1’s vids, although I think they’re less informative than others might believe. I feel in a lot of the videos he either dances around the point he’s trying to make or never gets to it because of the banter between him and the cameraman.

For instance, he only “sort of” explains the concept of ‘pre-torquing’ the right leg, or foot, in his videos.

However, I just wanted to hear from someone that has picked up this e-book for some feedback before I picked it up. Thanks!

I highly recommend Mike’s book “The Secret in the Dirt”. Not only is it informative, it is also a very pleasant
and enjoyable read. The fact that any book these days addresses concepts in ground pressures, footwork
and properly loading and releasing the club is refreshing.


Cool, I’ll probably pick it up then.

He definitely does have a sweet swing! I’m also impressed by his ability to mimic the actions of others (specifically Hogan and Norman) with a great deal of accuracy.

What is it about people who have played and spoken with Moe Norman being super-pure ballstrikers? Was he like the Horse Whisperer of golf? :laughing:


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i’ve read the book and i think it’s excellent. it’s one of those books that you need to read a few times as you pick up something new on each read. mike maves goes into great length about explaining why hogan did what he did e.g. when to pressurize the shaft on the downswing, how and when to do it and if you do it too early you come over the top and either smother hook or slice. i find the detail helps explain and cement in your mind various concepts.


I’ve probably read it about 10 times. I highly recommend it. I actually found this site by searching for people’s opinions of the book before I bought it.

I highly recommend Mike’s E-Book. It is very informative and puts an end to all the jibber-jabber about how ‘‘Five Lessons’ isn’t an accurate description of Hogan’s swing and won’t get you to Hogan’ or ‘Hogan didn’t really mean the things he said, he was just yankin’ ur chain and sending you on a wild goose chase’ and all that BALONEY! Every single word that came out of Hogan’s mouth, he meant. I think that when some people don’t get something right away or it’s not handed to them on a silver platter, they have to start making excuses because it has to be someone else’s fault.

All in all, ‘Secret In The Dirt’ is an excellent read, and especially supplemented with ‘Five Lessons’. And by the way, secretinthedirt.com is an awesome website too.