Has anyone measured a driver that came stock @ 48* lie?

I want to experience a fully-flattened driver without getting too “crafty” or sacrificing one of my rare Mac heads. Has anyone ever come across a particular driver, or model of driver, that was <50* lie angle from the factory?



Generally speaking, the older the clubs, the flatter the lies. Most of the hickory era stuff is VERY flat. Best to hunt down some 1940’s persimmons. A lot of the MacGregor, Spalding and Wilson stuff from that era was stock 48 degrees or less.

Spalding drivers from my experience tend to be flatter than MacGregor… but there are some very flat MacGregor’s also.
It’s a bit of a crap shoot… the older stuff was all over the place.


I do remember you mentioning previously some Spalding drivers you came across that were on-spec. Do you recall any particular model numbers, so that I can narrow-down the vintage of when they were produced? A model 57, perhaps?

I play the Model 28, and have had a few of them over the years. Great head and most of them have been pretty flat from stock. About 50 degrees give or take.