Has any one tried to flatten a titanium driver

Hey Guys
Just started my first go at the flattening process with a Wilson Jerry pate (laminate to begin with) and had to cut wood to get to the pin as there was no borethrough hole. left out to dry the epoxy.
Has anyone thought about a 50 degree flat titanium driver and how to do it. Now that we dont love them we may willing to tinker with them.


Good luck with that! My guess is you’d have to use plenty of heat. I doubt anyone has the tools to drill out titanium laying around the workshop. I had the Adams factory flatten one of their hybrids for me this past summer… 2 degrees was the best they could do and they apparently had to use a special mold of some sort to do that.

I believe you may see some OEM’s putting out an adjustable lie angle driver in 2010, but I wonder if the adjustment will be as much as ABSers would like.


Thanks Robbo
The one I am doing right now is a laminate wood. Is the Hosel in a titanium driver made of titanium too???

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the whole head right up thru the hosel is a solid Ti cast piece.


Be very careful bending Ti, by definition it is harder and more brittle than steel and most heads are composites with different chemical makeups in different parts of the heads. And if it’s a bore through don’t do anything, they can’t be bent without ruining the shaft.

If it breaks… it makes for a nice paper weight or ashtray… so not all is lost…

I’ve been told by a few people that it can be done, but you really need to know what you’re doing. I know Vijay has the loft bent on his driver by 3*.


thats 3* up right?

During my recent visit with Lag we “sacrificed” a titanim driver head to bend it flat. We had to really heat it up red hot and even then it took a lot of effort to bend that thing. I will post some pics later. Although we did bend it to 45 degrees we found out that we should have put a shaft or even a solid steel bar in the hosel as it got warped in the process. the paint was gone too.
Caution: All this time I was worried that if that red piece of titanium pops up from the vise and lands on one of us, we might have to look for our health insurance.

I used a drill bit, and it did the job just fine.