Harvey Penick

So I was wondering if Harvey Penick taught a pure hitters action? Im sure the advanced ball strikers in here who have read the Little Red book could decipher which method he taught.

Lag- Would you ever consider doing a book analysis on the Little Red Book? Just a thought

Kite was definately a hitter, haven’t studied Crenshaws swing so couldn’t say…

Not sure he was a “method” teacher tbh

by bobscottjnr » Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:54 pm

“It’s virtually impossible not to miss some shots to the right, but I can teach you how not to hit it left of your target.” - Harvey Penick speaking to George Knudson

Every secret is on this site

Penick was aware of both methods. I am sure he taught both depending upon how he sized up the player and situation.

I agree that he was aware of both methods but he coached swinging. Kite changed his swing to a hitting discipline under a different coach but asked Harvey about it first. Crenshaw is a swinger, all rhythm based.