Harry Bussons and shaft step pattern question

I was lucky enough to pick up a set of original JH “Harry” Busson Woods on ebay a couple of weeks back and have just received them. Busson was probably the premier clubmaker of his generation 1940s-1980s here in the UK and many of the big names from Europe and visitors from the US would have their persimmon woods made by him. They were refinished about 20 odd years ago and havn’t been hit since - pics attached. They sit super (square or even slightly open) but the shafts have a step pattern I have never seen - no shaft labels. I wonder if you have any ideas. I measured the (repeating) pattern and it goes like this on the driver - anyone seen anything like it?

Cheers, Arnie

Bottom of Grip to 1st step 2"
2nd step 3/4"
3rd step 1/2"
4th step 1/2"
5th step 3/4"
6th step 2"
7th step 2"
8th step 3/4"
9th step 1/2"
10th step 1/2"
11th step 3/4"
12th step 2"
13th step 2"
14th step 3/4"
15th step 1/2"
16th step 1/2"
17th step 3/4"
18th step 2"
19th step 2"
20th step 3/4"
21st step 1/2"
22nd step 1/2"
23rd step 3/4"
24th step to whipping 4.5"


Nice find!

wish I had an answer for you about the shafts…

what do they feel like? Are they stiff? Does the flex point seem to be lower or higher than other shafts? Do they feel heavy if you flip them upside down?

Thanks Lag,

Just doing a press test into the floor they don’t feel as stiff as an X100, flex point doesn’t seem particular out of line with other persimmons I have. I think I will just go hit them and report back!

Cheers, Arnie

Those are gorgeous! Nice find, Arnie!