Hardest Par 3 In The World?

Maybe not the hardest seeing it is fully downhill- but certainly the hardest to get to-- seeing you need a helicopter-- amazing there is always someone who has to come up with some crazy gimmick

Golf used to be so simple using nature and a few horses and scoops to make a course


does anyone remember the fantasy golf holes they used to post in golf digest back in the 1970’s by some crazy artist?
It would be great to have a thread of those hole… some really fun stuff from what I remember…

almost like this!

I have the full set of those (bar 1 which I had framed and have no idea where it is now since a move)
They were by Bud Chapman- I met him once- got the pictures and had him personally sign the entire set. Which means they could be worth some $$.
Maybe I can find them and dig them out and do some pics.- I think that’s the ones you are talking about.
here’s a couple of them I found online

I do remember those… I saved all of my Golf Digests from back then. I’ll have to pull them out and take a look.

We need to have a separate thread for those…

PLEASE somebody do it!!!