Hard balls a danger to wood?

It occured to me as I continue my hunt for new persimmon weapons that the modern ball is perhaps designed more for harder space age materials like titanium. do you think that playing a harder modern ball can jeopardize persimmon more than golf balls used to? It seemed to me that some of the rock-like balls of yesteryear did not pose an inordinate risk tp persimmon heads. Any thoughts?

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Hi Bob,

This got some discussion before on the following thread:



In the previous thread my thoughts were:

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I played in hickory event last year Bob with clubs supplied, one condition imposed by the organizers was no hard balls, as they were known to chip the persimmons.


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This is on my mind too.

Lag’s US Open qualifier last year was with Srixon Soft Feel from memory, but he thought they actually cost him 10 shots compared with if he had a balata.

So I take it from that balata is still best ball to use for retro gear? But given that’s not cheap for everyday use, what are people using with their old gear?

I’ll start, I have a bunch of Pro V1’s I got for free, no plans on what to try after those run out yet.

I think that was a special occasion as far as holding greens SB.

I am using the Soft Feel and I don’t mind them at all. I get a reasonable spin on our greens and they are soft on my Toney Penna… :smiley:

Sorry Styles! Thanks for the feedback. I remember back in the day smashing Pinnacle Golds etc with my persimmons with no ill effect (after I had depleted my better ball supply!) My favorite back then was the Spalding Tour Edition. Balata balls did not last and they were pricey.

range ball

I mis-hit it—not by toooo much :wink:

its cycolac (more brittle? not sure)


is there anyway to get those inserts?

Help, what would you hit on the course then?

Srixon “soft feel” seems like the choice of the new balls…

I bid on balatas now and then on E bay…

AArnie buys maxfli “revolutions” in England, but I I have never seen them here on E bay (USA)

hope this helps—arnie may have more to say on this…

if anyone knows, please post here!!


epoxy the hole and color it to match closely and then lacquer-- have seen it done and it held up-- if there are no other options that can fix it

Surely there is a site that would sell inlays somewhere

I came across these in my searching and thought about that pic of yours with the broken insert. I always thought that colour meant the inserts were aluminum and again, these look like that too… maybe they’re comparable or maybe not… I haven’t checked with the seller to find out what flex the shafts are so i’d do that regardless…
Anyway, having come across this I thought maybe they’d be of interest as a replacement…

cgi.ebay.com/MacGregor-MT-Tourne … 500wt_1162

…and then I just noticed they were 3,4, and 5 woods… oh well- it’s the thought that counts, isn’t that what they say :blush: