Happy New Year and ABS New Year's Resolution

I’d just like to wish everybody a Happy New Year at ABS, students and non-students alike!

[size=150]So what is your New Year’s resolution from an ABS point of view?[/size]

Here is mine: it’s to make the final step in going full out ABS - to start playing with persimmon and progress to using stiffer shafts as I’ve used regular shafts since starting the modules, but I now have some Apex 4’s and some X100s to play with so it’s going to be an interesting year. I’m currently adjusting the lie on a driver and 3 wood so fingers crossed within a couple of weeks I’ll be ready. I really need to get out and play more. This year at the end of the football season I’ve promised to give up that sport and dedicate myself to golf.

Happy New Year everybody!

To finish a project I’m on so I can buy the next module!!!

Happy New Year everyone…

My resolution is to play around 80 (constantly) by middle of year and try to break 80 afterward. Go as far as possible with the modules… currently on module 4 now. Last but not least… getting back my lunch money from my foursome :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: … oh yeah… no more playing around with my swing anymore… let the modules do that!! Happy golfing everyone…

Well, it was one year ago today that I, with sweaty palms, logged onto ABS for the first time. Not knowing what I was fully doing from a technical standpoint…still don’t…and not even fully aware of how forums work. Nonetheless, it has been a great journey…and simply the best place to be if one wants to get into the meat and hearbeat of motion.

I will never forget the day soon thereafter telling Aiguille that “you may want to check on that”, and how much I learned from that experience.

My goal for 2011…simple…break into the parallel universe for an undetected cheese grab for no other reason than to see if I can do it. Not really, only kidding :laughing: RR

My goals:

  • Starting mod 4 this month and hopefully complete some more mods this year.
  • Play more rounds and see how low I can go :smiley:
  • Only use flattened clubs (hope to finish my first persimmon rebuild this week.)
  • More disciplined practice and drilling.

Happy new year everyone…

-To figure out what works for ME.
-To stick with my new intimidating blades through thick and thin (and not give up on the game because of this…)
-dramatically Improve 50y and in
-find a ball that i like instead of being ball ho (maybe a Trackman fitting)

You’ll be all right budman… They’re not as hard as told by the salesman… once you flush them you’ll get addicted… :open_mouth:

  1. play golf more often (only 54 holes last year, one weekend);
  2. read ABS more frequently - not just the equipment subforum :wink:;
  3. join in discussions more often;

I’m getting 3 irons bent flatter soon (3-, 6- and 10-iron). My toe is about one centimeter in the air at address allready (daiwa irons, loft & lie similar to 60ies Dynapowers), so I probably can’t go wrong with a bit of a flatter lie.

I should really sign up for the modules as well, but can’t justify the costs yet (seeing as I hardly find to play as it is).

Day Time Goals:

  1. Not breaking 80 should be an exception.
  2. Win our modest club championship and not be a burdon on the interclub team but an asset.
  3. Win from playing buddy so often that he backs out (he is our club champion but is retired and on a budget).
  4. To fine tune my irons to the exact length, total weight and swing weight.

Dream time Goals:
Too eloquent and I am shy to share.