Happy Birthday Jack Nicklaus !

Jack turns 70 today. I thought it would be fitting to give him a ABS Happy Birthday. IMO he’s the ultimate traditionalist and somebody I never get sick of swinging a golf club. He would love the material we post on this board. He might think some of us are nuts, but he’d get a kick out of it…
He’ll always be my no. 1. Nobody comes close IMO. I grew up idolizing his swing, his style, his clubs, you name it. There will never be another Golden Bear, just like there will never be another Arnold Palmer.

Jack overpowered golf courses with his mind. He used the greatest equipment ever produced, real blades and great persimmon sticks and a lousy golf ball. I’ve only seen Jack play live a handful of times, but they were always memorable and he was always very classy and appreciative to his fans. Who will ever forget the 86 Masters.

Ok, so I was bummed out at the Honda classic in 91 when I realized Jack’s JNPs were so much different than mine. Jack… I’ve forgiven you for that. I’m finally over it… Thats my gift to you. .LOL

My best memory was walking a practice round with him late in the day in 2001 when he still had serious game. He had a very small crowd (nobody knew he was there, because it was late in the day and most patrons had gone home) and I was with my Twin Brother. I caddied in the SR. Open that week and actually got a chance to talk with Jack for a short moment inside the ropes about the Ross course. It was a cool moment for me.

Jack and the Masters Youtube:

Is he the same Jack NICHOLAS that we see on e-bay ?? :laughing: :laughing:

Too funny when the seller can’t even get the greatest golfer ever name correct in their posting of an item…

I started to play golf largely as a result of what I saw happen on the final nine holes of the 1986 Masters! Ever since then no one was greater (golf wise) in my eyes than Jack Nicklaus. Sure you had the elegance of Bob Jones, the pluck of Sarazen, the mystique of Hogan, the DNA of Snead, the grit of Player, the swashbuckle of Palmer but it all seemed to fade in the light of 18 major championship wins! I watched Jack Nicklaus play in the 94 PGA (Palmer’s last attempt at the Grand Slam!) I winced as he did. He was no longer the Golden Bear of old. He seemed embarrassed, and I felt for him. We cheered him on, and he gave his customary wave time and time again. It was fun to hear “Aw Jaaack!” in that famous high pitched voice of his. I did get to watch him wave in a few putts with his gloved left hand reminicent of the putt he holed on the 71st hole of that memorable Masters. I cannot believe he is 70! Happy Birthday, Jack!