Hands working backwards

Was reading to The Feelings of Greatness about Moe Norman and what jumped out at me was “Me, Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer are the only golfers whos hands work backwards through a golf ball” “as the arms moved forward to impact, the hands lagged behind with the left wrist flat and the right wrist bent”

Reminded me of this image from 5 lessons.

What is interesting here is that it is physically impossible to do the module 7 drill without doing this.


I find left forearm rotation is key for me to create this feeling.

The left shoulder outracing the hands at impact.

I remember reading 5 lessons for the first time and seeing that drawing and thinking how does that go with the 3 right hands?? In the module 7 drill you are forced to use the legs to move the shoulder to do this.


“Reverse every natural instinct…” Love it…all about the waggle ladies and gentlemen…

Never lose the chi…


What crossed my mind when reading about torso-shoulder tightening the screw and how the legs affect that, it is not a dump move for sure.

I also thought about an anatomical solution to an anatomical dilemma that came from a cartoon illustrator for magazines that examined what needs to happen if both arms are accelerating at the same rate post impact, and it concerns the left shoulder.

Stand up straight, spread arms parallel to ground like Vitruvian Man. Keeping L arm in place bring the entire R arm over to touch the forearm of the L arm. If you’re human the finger tips of your R hand will touch the middle of your L forearm. The only way to get the R hand below the L hand at that point, like it would be at address, is to retract the L shoulder.

He called it extension by retraction. It’s a fascinating story, I can link it if anyone wants.


Im in…your post reminds me of this video…great stuff Rat, always catching the crumbs.

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A friend loaned me the book ‘The Secret of Golf’ by George Peper, and it’s a collection of thoughts, one each, from a whole bunch of well known players and teachers. I had heard of just about everyone in the book except this guy, near the end of the book. My nephew is in the same line of work so it drew my attention quickly, and glad it did.

Here’s most of it, you might have to enlarge the screen to read as this is a screen grab from an archive.

…and tried to capture it on a gif and found Rory, not the best gif quality…


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