Hand Paths Left Arm Outty Inny Swingy Hitty

Ok . . . . so I got a question . . . we’re trying to hit this 4:30 line . . . does the backswing hand path have anything at all to do with how we arrive there or not? I been thinking about this deal . . . . If your hands go “straight back” “linear” . . . y’all been telling me there ain’t no straight lines in golf . . . would it not be allow you LESS range of motion in attempting to nail the 4:30 line?

Also . . . . I see this in my swing . . . my hands are “out and away” from my body BUT the club is on the 4:30 deally (faking it I think) . . . that ain’t no good right? When I look at cat’s that drill that 4:30 line and get around the co’ner . . .the left arm IS VERTICAL-ISH TO THE GROUND DTL WHEN THE 4:30 LOOK IS ACHIEVED . . . Is that a deal? Or alignment ? Or a “vapor trail”?

I assume if you hands are out and away and the club is laid down and under . . . is that a deal where you introduce the forearm rotation and packing . . or just say yo doofus . . . here’s a bag . . . go bang it a whole bunch until your body gets it.


Buk it

I would like to know if you guys were on a plane board would your hands remain on plane. If the hands go straight back they are “off plane”. Don’t hands go up and in “on plane” If they go hard inside left aren’t they “off plane”. Realizing of course that hands may be moving in a zone of the elbow and TSP. Certainly on the backswing, plane shifts are acceptable but on the thru swing doesn’t physics want to keep the clubhead in the same plane orbit. Remember bucket orel hershiser said that the first two fingers of the hand were responsible for most of the proprioception and the hand.

There’s an eye opening experience to be had in module 4 regarding “plane lines”. Intentions and internal forces create the planes, not learning to try and make your hands follow some path. Coincidentally (but not surprisingly), using those intentions and creating those forces are the recipe for striking the ball in a top level pro-like manner.

Captain Chaos