Half set golf

Lately myself and a golfing buddy have been having a great time playing with just seven clubs. It makes the bag super light and fosters a much more creative golfing experience.

My Set is made up as follows:
Driver Hogan Speed Slot (apex 5 shaft)
Hogan PC 3,5,7,9 (apex 4 )
Hogan Special SW (ground some trailing edge relief)
Bullseye Wide Blade putter.

Just wondering if anyone else has been playing any half set golf ??

Yip, 6 clubs only all through until March.
Driver, (Maxfli Persimmon)
2, 5, 8 and wedge. (PC)
Putter (tad moore)

All fit neatly into an incredibly lightweight Wilson feather bag, (usually gotta wear waterproofs up here, so that lightens the load as well!)
I somethimes I’ll mix it up, ie, 3 wood, 2, 4, 7, wedge and putter. Nice way to go.

You’d be surprised how well you can play with a three wood, a 5 iron a 9 iron and a putter.


i did that a few times this summer, but mainly because i wanted to try that speed golf thing (where you run between shots)…

i carried 6 clubs in my normal bag, can’t remember which ones, but i shot pretty much the same scores i usually do, only difference is it took a little
over an hour for 18 holes. i did it back in august so it was hot, the nice thing is the swing thoughts go away as your are more worried about
little details like heat stroke and sweat dripping off the cap onto everything.

it was at gus wortham, although you guys probably never played it, i think i read somewhere your a U of H guy…

My last lesson was with Eric Bogar, were you there at the same time?

Yes Kirkschwart. Eric and I played at Houston at the same time. You are in good hands there. Eric is a fine player.
I love the speed golf concept too !!!