Hagen post impact

Hagen had great success. I saw this picture recently, and although the camera angle isn’t ideal, one does get a sense of his post impact posture, with shoulders nearer the target than his hips, a sort of lean towards the target with his spine. Obviously it worked very well for him, and this must have had some advantage…maybe promoting the clubface holding the line a few millimeters longer?
Any thoughts?


It’s an interesting observation. Maybe we can post more of his finishes here also.
The opposite of the reverse C which makes the (false) assumption that the head is the center of the swing,
and that lateral spine tilt preservation to finish is a requirement of a good golf swing (also false).

Hagen, Gary Player, Peter Senior quickly come to mind as breaking the mold here… and Hogan also.

The students here will be familiar with left side torso crunch and why this is beneficial for both added distance
and accuracy when implemented correctly.




Ok, but until Parallel 4 they look all the same, so we are not talking about post impact like the OP title says.
Walter Hagen P4.jpg
Gary Player P4.jpg
Peter Senior P4.jpg


P.S. I don´t know why, but the finish of Hagen reminds me of this guy…
Even I like his motion - there went something wrong:

Paul Casey does this too but like Chris said it happens after the 4th parallel, just kinda chases after it with his head.