Groveless driver faces

Here’s something I’ve never heard mentioned before but it’s something I’ve found when using metal driver in the pouring rain. I often get this ‘splat’ and overspin look to the shot and it goes nowhere. I’ve always put this down to the lack of grooves on the typical metal driver head not allowing the water to escape from impact. The resulting shot is deadened and backspin reduced.

I took out a persimmon yesterday in the pouring rain, one with healthy grooves on the face and no splat, no nose dive.

I wondering if it’s a good thing they’ve removed the grooves from drivers.

I was reminded of this connection with road tires on the 6th yesterday in the pouring rain–a short par 3 in the corner of the course with two roads bounding. Usually you get idiots on the road tooting horns or yelling to put you off your shot. So here I am, ready to hit and I hear this car spinning its tires behind me. I refuse to be distracted and make good contact. The tires screech again while the ball is in the air–I still refuse too look. I hear a big bang. I keep watching my ball, it’s on the pin, it’s beautiful, it…

…firmly embeds under the lip of a bunker.

I finally turn around a see a van firmly embedded in a farm yard fence.

I walk off with double. :imp:

A company called Cubic Balance had a grooveless driver (maybe in mid-late 90’s)…It wasn’t a hit (so to speak)