Grooves- New verse Vintage

Ive been using vintage blades for the past 6-8 months whilst developing my game.

My mate convinced me to try some new titleist clubs of his today cause it irks him I beat him with 40y old clubs…lol. What I really noticed was the difference in my old grooves v the new ones.

Anything from PW-6 Iron I was stopping nicely on the greens. Hitting the PW I could zip the ball back a few feet. I have never done this before in my life.

Usually my PW shots roll onwards a good 20 feet on most greens.

How do you guys find the difference in grooves? or is it just my old set of clubs that have crappy grooves?

gotta admit that I experience the same thing as you, although I really struggle with the lie angles after 5-6 months of being 6flat.
I do carry a vokey54 and there is a marked difference on how it reacts on landing on the green

Still wouldn’t change!!

Played another 9 holes with a new set of forged clubs after playing the first 9 with my 62 dynapowers.

Firslty new clubs are so easy to hit its rediculous, I had to really try hard to drawn or fade a ball. Normally my dynapowers make the ball move significantly. I little mistake and in left or right of the green…

Anyhow with the new clubs on 2 of the par 3’s i stopped both my shots on the green fairly quick and had 2 short birdie putts, with my old set I’d aim at the front and usually roll to the back if not off completely.

Is there any tool or device that can re-groove old clubs? should I buy a new set of older clubs with less wear? because seeing the ball stop so fast with newer clubs makes scoring ALOT easier…

You can use a regroover tool, which isn’t all that effective but helps a little, or you can pay to have them regrooved. There are companies that will CNC-machine the grooves out for you, but it isn’t cheap.

May I ask what kind of ball you play? I play frequently with a handful of older sets, and while the grooves aren’t quite as fresh as my playing set, I don’t seem to notice as drastic of a difference as you have.

I play with the Bridgetsone B330-S, which is considered a soft and high spin ball I believe?.

Maybe its the set of clubs I have, The grooves seem ok but maybe they arent. Might be a good excuse to buy a new set eh:)